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Ever wanted to learn conversational Chinese Mandarin?

  • Experienced & qualified teachers

  • Interesting courses

  • Reasonable fees

  • you can start course in every week though year,

Our Chinese Mandarin conversation courses are short-term intensified training courses, specially prepared for those people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. The main aim of the course is to help learners to develop practical communication skills.

So if you are: planning to travel to China, a homestay host or just interested in Chinese language & culture this is the course for you. Learners are welcome no matter if they have previous Chinese knowledge or not.

Why wait any longer when you can learn from highly qualified, native language teachers in a fun & safe environment.

Fees for a 8 week course are $80 (terms can be arranged on enquiry). Eftpos facilities are not available; payment can be made by cheque and cash.


 Quick Start
Quick Start is designed for learners with very little or no knowledge of Chinese Mandarin and is at the beginner level.

    Emphasis is placed on practical communication skills, especially on listening and speaking for everyday situations.

    Students will learn simple sentence structures and step-by-step introductions of the sentence patterns, useful words, and daily conversation, through oral practice.

    Relevant topics of Chinese culture are also introduced during the class to further assist understanding of the language.

    Fun exercises will be held in class to help assist learning.

Mandarin Made Easy (1)

Mandarin Made Easy [MME] (1) is the next step up from Quick Start and is well suited for those learners with elementary knowledge of the language and of Chinese culture. 

This class will explore further the language and concepts already acquired and build on vocabulary and common phrases.


  The Han Yu Pin Yin method is used with reference to Chinese characters. Pronunciation will be practiced in class at an easy pace to help inspire confidence in speaking.


Mandarin Made Easy(2)

As with all WCS classes, informal tips and information give a real insight into contemporary China and its people.

  At a more advanced elementary level is MME (2). This class is excellent for the more experienced and confident Mandarin conversationalist.

  Along with more advanced vocabulary and sentence structure, time will be given in class to practice pronunciation and listening skills allowing learners to familiarize themselves with Chinese language sounds

  All classes include elements of Chinese culture including Chinese tea rituals, Chinese festivals, Chinese manner, custom, classic music, traditional dance, Chinese opera, myth and so on.

  By the end of the course, learners will be able to fulfill most of the elementary functions in common everyday situations


Upcoming Courses 2016


Term 1: 2/4 February – 5/7April 2016
Term 2: 26/28 April – 28/30 June 2016
Term 3: 19/21 July – 20/22 September 2016
Term 4: 11/13 October – 13/15 December 2016


Schedule: 10 Lessons per term. Each lesson 1.5 hrs
Tuesday OR Thursday 6:00-7:30pm

Class Size: Average 6 - 8 students, max 15

Levels: Beginner , Elementary, Intermediate



  • 1 Term $200 (10 lessons)

  • 2 Terms $360 (20 lessons)   

  • 3 Terms $510 (30 lessons)

  • 4 Terms $640 (40 lessons)

Registration (once only) $ 10
Books/materials $60 ( optional )

One-to-One Tuition $ 55 / hour , 10 hr minimum
One-to-Two Tuition $ 40 / hour, 10 hr minimum